The Company

DIGIMET2013, S.L. is a new technology-based company , which was founded with the goal of becoming the global benchmark for steel dust treatment . DIGIMET’s technology, protected by patents in major countries worldwide, is based on a new concept of metallurgical furnace.

The Technology

The technology developed by DIGIMET, surpassing the current technologies, will transform an environmental problem (the treatment of Electrical Arc Furnace dust) in a business opportunity that can be exploited directly by steel manufacturers, as well as, by current steel dusts recyclers. This technology allows, in a single phase, to solve the limitations of the processes currently used: discrete, rigid and limited performance .


Operational flexibility and modularity Zinc oxide recovery of high purity (>80%) Recovery of iron of high metallurgical quality Achieving “zero waste process”

Objectives achieved

Objectives achieved
Objectives achieved
In 2015 DIGIMET:

  • Has validated ratios and quality of the obtained products.
  • Has validated energy efficiency ratios.
  • Has validated productivity capacity of the funace.
  • Has validated production protocols for long series production.
  • Has validated the semi-industrial plant.
  • Has overcomed the technical risk of the technology.
  • Is doing demos for stakeholders.

The Future
DIGIMET seeks to implement its technology industry-wide all around the world. Starting firstly in:
China · European Union · Japan · USA · India · Russia · Brazil · Turkey